I Just Can’t Take You Seriously

Her: OMG you’re actually going??

Me: Well, yeah I said I was lol

Her: Yeah but I didn’t think you actually would haha, it’s a big step!

Me: When have I ever said I was going to do something that I didn’t follow through on lol

Her: True

*Exits chat*

Above is a conversation between a friend and I. I had just announced that I was going to leave London and work in NYC for the year. A few months before this, my friend had also said she was going to do the same. We spoke about potentially sharing a room together and having wild nights out in Manhattan, strutting our stuff, meeting ‘hot’ NFL players and all of that stuff. Yet after asking her 3 + times if she had submitted her application, she kept telling me “yeah later, yeah I’m thinking of what to write”.

She never bothered to write it

I’ve had many conversations like this and it continues to cringe me out. I think cringe is the best word to use here, because it doesn’t annoy me or make me irritated anymore, it makes me cringe that people, adults, still say things that they have no intention of doing. As I’m writing this, I have hundreds of examples going through my mind, but let me lay down a few that have become a reoccurring theme amongst human kind:

  1. You’re having a conversation about buying something and the person tells you that they can either get it for you or get you a discount, but they never actually do, and you’ve just wasted a week of being without the product you needed.


  1. People that tell you, out of their own free will, that they’re going to give up something, say alcohol or smoking and after two days you literally catch them in the smoking area of a pub garden backing shots.


  1. The friends that say they’re going to a ticketed event and will purchase their ticket today, and like the naïve person you are (me) you by yours and they never end up purchasing theirs.

I think you get the picture

Not only are the above statements cringe worthy, but they are also very childish. I just can’t take people seriously anymore if they’ve promised to do something and never followed through with it. I have a tendency now where my ears just close off when I call bullshit before the person even finishes their sentence. I know I’m not the only one this happens to either, because whenever I follow through with anything, it always seems like a surprise to the other person (who obviously doesn’t know me that well yet).

It gets really tiring having to second guess or doubt what anyone says they will do and it’s pretty draining having more experiences of the ‘story-tellers’ than the ones that actually do what they say. Nevertheless, this reiterates the agreement that I spoke of in my other post, the agreement to be impeccable with your word, because, well, it’s actually embarrassing when you’re not.











2 thoughts on “I Just Can’t Take You Seriously

  1. I do agree! It’s even worse when they offer to do something without you even asking for it and then they joyfully forget to do it, putting you in a tight spot and wasting your time.


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