Diary of a Side-Hustler

Hi, I’m Rosie and I’m pretty much an expert on how to make money on the side of your main hustle. Whether you are working a 9-5 behind a computer desk, or think you are working all the hours on the planet, there is always room to make more money. I’ll give you an idea of a typical week in the life of a modern-day hustler and help you decide if it’s the sort of life you want to lead.

I like to think there are three types of people in this world. Those that do, those that think they want to do and those that don’t do. Well actually, let’s be real, those that think they want to do are still the ones that don’t do. So, there’s two types of people in this world and as a human being, I sometimes do find myself slipping into the latter.

I’ve always been commended on my drive and ability to make money regardless of my situation. For me, money wasn’t the goal. Money was an essential part in being able to reach my goal- to be at a point where I could afford to keep a roof over my head, pay all of my bills and still enjoy the normality of my peers, like going on holidays and eating hot dinners. I’ve always been in some sort of employment since the age of 15 and having to move out at 18, I had a lot more outgoings than my friends who still lived at home. When I started university, I saw it as an abundant opportunity to make serious amounts of cash. Fast forwarding 7 years, still side-hustling alongside my career, I’ve been able to buy my own home, and inevitably changed the purpose of why I want this extra money.

Why would I want this extra money? Is not a question that anyone would naturally ask but it’s such an important question to have. You need to firstly know why you want a side-hustle, whether it’s because eventually you want to make it your main hustle (it’s your passion, but you cannot financially commit to it yet) or because you need to get out of that cycle of living from pay check to pay check. If you take one thing from this blog post its always hustle with purpose.

As I mentioned, my priorities have changed. I want to be in a position of freedom of not having to work for anyone else, so I use the extra money that I earn for personal development and a way to invest into business ideas without going out of pocket. I invest in my present self and for my future. But side-hustling isn’t for everyone and not everyone has that same burning desire to create their own financial economy as I do. You need to figure out what it is that’s motivating you, why you want to be in a different situation that you are in now and be clear and specific on those reasons why. You’re not going to feel motivated and inspired every day, so you need this reason as a permanent reminder of why it is important to take action on your goals.

My reason why? I watched my mum struggle for years growing up. We didn’t have much at all and we were living life on the emergency meter.  I didn’t have any role models. I didn’t have anyone that I looked at their lives and thought, yes, I want to be like that. But what I did have is a bunch of people who parts of them I wanted to be like, and parts of them that I refused to be like. This was enough to make the shift that I needed.

This life isn’t easy and it’s certainly not for everyone. I’m single, I don’t watch TV, I don’t go out partying every weekend and I can count my friends on one hand. Some may call these sacrifices, but I call it choices, I am more than happy and content with the situation that I am in and do still make time for friends, family and potential partners. So, what does a typical week look like?

Sunday evening I’m looking at my physical diary of all the commitments I’ve got for the week ahead and comparing it to my outlook calendar. I work out a plan and sketch out what I’m going to do when and pretty much timetable my week, creating small specific goals I want to achieve. If I don’t have time to do this then I do on a Monday morning after I meditate for 20 minutes.

Monday- I’m in the office early doing various admin tasks and then I’m out and about delivering sessions to schools (my main job). My main job isn’t a typical 9-5, it can sometimes be an 8 -7 (or even later), but I make sure I take the time back that I’m owed. During Monday my phone pings and someone’s purchased something on my E-bay. On my commute back I’m editing videos to post on my business Instagram page. I get home and have a quick tidy up as a client is coming over to get their lashes filled. Two and a half hours later I’m shattered and hungry because I didn’t plan my food properly the night before. A quick Uber Eats (terrible I know) is ordered whilst I’m wrapping up the item that I’ve just sold online. As I’m eating dinner, I’m responding to appointment requests, it’s now nearing 10pm so I reply to any lingering texts and either read a book or watch a Netflix show. Depending on my mood.

Tuesday comes and I’m walking to work (just over an hour). I’ve got my headphones in and a podcast on to get me feeling inspired, I sometimes get an idea for a blog post doing this. Lunch time comes and I’m at the post office posting the item, then it’s back to work. I have to stay late because I have a board meeting to attend to. Work finishes around 8 o’clock and I’m either grabbing dinner and drinks with a friend or attending a networking event.

Wednesday I’m up and I’m either meal prepping or emailing the people I met the day before; I go to work and again my phones pinging with sales and questions. Someone’s just cancelled their appointment and messed up my schedule, so after work I take the time to re-group, strategise and plan, plan, plan. I spend a couple of hours in the evening taking photos of more items I’ve just bought and upload them to sell online.

Thursday comes and I’m catching up on missed emails as I’ve been out and about. I’m going to the gym in the evening and I spend a good few hours working out. I get back home and I’m wrapping up more products. I flip open my laptop and I’m working on something else.

Friday, again, working and then I’m doing a night shift at my local bar. During my 15-minute break I’m editing videos again for Instagram promotions. Finishing around 3am I head home, shower and straight to bed.

Saturday, I wake up slightly later and head back down to the bar because there’s an event on and finish around 4pm. I head to the nearest café, laptop with me and sit down to study for my course. I leave around 8.30 pm and head to a restaurant, where again, I open my laptop and work until 10pm.

Sunday, I have an external client, so I head over to east London and finish around 2 o’clock. It’s family time so I head over to my aunt and uncles house. During the drive I call my dad for a catch up. The rest of the day is a no work zone. When I get back home I partake in some self-care and have an early night.

This is a typical week for me and for some this would seem insane, but for me it’s perfect. Every week is different and presents its challenges and lessons. Obviously, it’s not ideal for everyone but this is a life I’ve chosen to live. So, if you’ve read thus far and have come up with a bunch of limiting beliefs about why you can’t make extra money for whatever reason, these are some (not all) of the options you have in making some quick extra cash:

  • Buy and sell online; e-bay, Facebook and Depop are my go-to platforms
  • Get a part-time bar job, easy to do if your evenings are free
  • Trade on the financial markets
  • Utilise your talent and start advertising on social media to bring in customers- trainer cleaning, car washing, tailoring clothes, editing photos, doing people make-up, ironing clothes, cleaning etc.
  • Take a short course on a something and provide what you’ve learnt as a service
  • E-tutor
  • Work part-time at a taxi company, these are open 24 hours and always need people to answer the phones
  • Become an online influencer and approach companies to sell their products (this will take some serious time but is a very modern option)
  • Create a business on the side
  • Drop-shipping
  • Wholesale buy and sell on Amazon
  • Review products for companies
  • Drive for Uber
  • Deliver for Deliveroo
  • Do paid online surveys

So now you have some ideas, this is what you need to do in order to make room for this change:

  • Stop hanging out with people who either bring you down or are not good for you in general. It’s so easy to just stay friends with people because you’ve known them for years but maybe it’s time to reflect on who you keep as your company and de-clutter.
  • If you have toxic family members, cut them off too. I don’t agree with the notion of blood is thicker than water. You didn’t have a choice in who you are related to so if spending time with them makes you feel drained then slowly but surely start spending less time. Harsh I know, but it’s key. You can create your own family later.
  • Be open to getting to know people you would not necessarily associate with; you will learn a lot.
  • Ensure the relationships that you do have are fulfilling and genuine.
  • Stop going out on the weekends and getting drunk. You can let your hair down and celebrate once you’ve made that schmoney. Every now and again is fine but if it’s all the time then you are delaying your financial freedom (if that’s what you want of course).
  • If you’re in a relationship have the conversation that this is the shift you want to make in your life. If he/she does not support you or approve- get rid. Seriously, get rid. I don’t want to hear about heart break. You have a maximum of three days to cry.
  • If you can, utilise your 9-5 to support your 6-10. For example, my role gives me plenty of opportunities to practice my public speaking, manage relationships and network.
  • Be present and grateful for what you have now, but know you have the potential to do more.
  • Have ‘me time’. This is very, very important otherwise you will burn out very quickly. Part of my ‘me’ time involves reading, watching a Netflix show and writing these blogs.
  • Live in a clean and tidy environment. So important for mental clarity.
  • Stop watching TV, especially soaps. If you enjoy visual stimulation, then watch something that will inspire you on YouTube and schedule the programme you want to watch in your ‘me’ time.
  • Write down your goal and be specific. Come up with a plan of how you will reach this goal and review and change your strategy when necessary.
  • Do not give up at the first hurdle. It’s tough but challenges are all part of building your character.
  • Use your commuting time effectively, even if that involves taking a power nap. You can read a book or listen to a podcast/audiobook to get some ideas and inspiration but try an avoid mindlessly scrolling through social media.
  • Delete social media if it’s becoming too much of a distraction or is beginning to affect your mental wellbeing. The only reason I am on social media is because it helps me make money and is essential in building my personal brand, if it wasn’t, I’d come off it in a heartbeat.
  • When you start making extra money give back to the community. Whether that’s through giving up your time or donating to a cause that means something to you. This is non-negotiable when taking your wealth further.

So there you go. My diary as a serial side-hustler. It’s not for everyone but is possible for everyone. Just remember to be present, be grateful and hustle with purpose.

Lots of Love


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