“All She Does is go to the Gym but Never Loses Weight”

This comment right here was made about me, a few years back via a SnapChat story. Indirectly, of course, because unfortunately thats what mean and insecure people do.

How do I know it was made about me? Well at the time I was going to the gym near enough every day, I was snapping a hell of a lot about the times, what I was doing and how long for. Why? Because I was proud of myself that I could get out of bed at 5:30 am and manage to do the hardest part which is actually getting my ass in there. That’s maria-fernanda-gonzalez-461521-unsplash.jpgwhat social media is for right? Sharing what we are up to? Anyway..

The comment, like most mean comments made about me stuck with me for a long time. And no, I never said anything to the girl because i’m far from wanting to entertain any negative, small minded people in this life-time. Did it bother me? Yes, but not because in her opinion I wasn’t loosing any weight, but because she passed judgement on something that she knew nothing about. 

Exercising for me is a form of release, to get my happy hormones back, to fight off any depression that might be trying to creep back in. If I loose weight in the process then great, if not, then who cares!  For me it’s a form of discipline and structure, something that keeps me sane in pretty hectic times. My aim isn’t to get abs, become a fitness model or to become super skinny, it’s to have a healthy mind and whereas some people would turn to sex, drugs and alcohol during low points, I tend to turn to the gym. I need to pick up some weights now and again and put my body through some stress to release my own stress, and this works well for me.

I’m not the only person that is like this. And actually, we all need to exercise. We all need to move around a bit more to stay mentally and physically healthy- to reduce obesity, reduce depression, heart disease, diabetes etc. etc. And if you are the sort of person that goes to the gym regularly to get super lean and ripped then good on you! All credit to you, because that discipline right there is a different kind!

So don’t be passing judgement on people you know nothing about. Don’t be making assumptions as to why someone is doing something because you think that your goal is the same as everyone else’s- because it’s not. We are called individuals for a reason.










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